Things To Do in Joshua National Park

If you enjoy the outdoors, Joshua National Park is one of the spectacular national parks in California that is worth visiting. The stark beauty and the unique sceneries are bound to wow you in more ways than one. While visiting, you can decide to also look for a Joshua Tree vacation rental so that you’re close to nature. There are a lot of things you can do while visiting Joshua National Park despite the fact the majority of the land is not accessible by road.

Hike to Arch Rock

If you don’t want to sweat a lot, you can hike to Arch Rock. The hike is approximately 1.2 miles to and fro and the surface is relatively flat. You get to see plenty of boulder formations that are synonymous with Joshua National Park. A visit to Joshua Tree will not be complete without hiking to Arch Rock. Keep your eyes open for the wildlife while on the trail.  Another popular feature that you should keep an eye out for is Heart Rock.

Key Views

The drive to Key Views is worth it in every sense of the word as you get to witness breathtaking views at 5000 feet that extend to Coachella Valley. From a distance, you can see the Salton Sea and San Andreas fault line. It is also possible to see Mexico on a clear day.

Barker Dam Trail

This is another short trail that you easily get done in less than an hour. There are huge rocks and trees around that attract birds and wildlife. You don’t want to get back with the same route you took as you’ll miss out on the best the tail has to offer.


For those that love to camp, Joshua Tree is the ideal place to anchor. The bizarre rock formations and the surrounding Joshua trees make for a spectacle when the stars are out at night. Most of the camping grounds are conveniently located which makes it easy to access all the Park’s facilities.

Go on a Wonderful Tour of the Cholla Cactus Garden

If you love nature, the Cholla Cactus Garden will be one of the main attractions that the Park has to offer. The garden usually blooms in May or April if you’re thinking about the best time to visit. You’re allowed to get close to the cactus but you’ll not want to make the mistake of touching as it can sting when it lodges in the skin.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing enthusiasts from all over the world visit Joshua Tree because of the rock surfaces available in the park. You don’t have to be an expert to participate in rock climbing activities.

Cotton Spring Oasis

There is a rarity in the wilderness in the name of Cotton Spring Oasis. An earthquake resulted in the formation of the spring that produces over 500 gallons per day. Since it is a source of water in the desert, it attracts wildlife. Keep an eye on the different species of birds. For more information on Joshua National Park, you can check out

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